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Admin Configuration

  • Student registration
  • Admission number generation
  • Editing of student’s details and passport
  • Automatic class allocation system
  • Deactivate non returning students and staff for the term

Academic Administration

  • Generate student Results at the click of a button
  • Generate broadsheets in A4 and A3 formats automatically
  • Auto result link generation and sending to parent’s device to click and view results
  • Online result checking for parents
  • Auto emailing of results to parent emails
  • Ability to print results and give to parents if necessary
  • Generate, email or print student transcript automatically
  • School testimonials
  • Teachers recording system for student grading
  • Ability for teachers to enter comments on results
  • Ability to automate comments on the results
  • Automatic average grading system for promotion and student record keeping system
  • Automatic teachers records filling system
  • Access for parents/student logins to view result of students
  • A unique preschool and nursery academic comment system and grading
  • Uploading of lesson plan by teachers
  • Virtual learning
  • Upload student’s lesson notes
  • Set up tutorial video and class work by teachers
  • Ability to mark and record class work and assignments online
  • Monitor or supervise teacher’s work done/records imputed for each class by the Head of School or a superior at a glance


  • Post payments of fees and print receipts
  • Generate school fee payment reports
  • Bank reconciliation with the payments posted on the portal
  • Generate reports for internal and external audit/auditors
  • Debtor’s report generation and printing weekly/termly/session
  • Send subtle reminders to debtors at a set date
  • Apply discounts on fees
  • Approval of discount by a superior head
  • Ability to categorize optional and compulsory fees
  • Ability to generate and print invoice for the next term
  • Automatically bring forward balance from previous term to the new term
  • Ability to post excess payments to cover for coming term(s) and sessions


  • Teacher-Parent incident report messaging system
  • Keeps record of the school events and give reminders
  • Automatic sending of birthday messages to students
  • School timetable

Attendance Monitoring

  • Attendance record management
  • Student after school pickup management

Computer Based Testing

We have a CBT software that synchronizes seamlessly with the Educ@te Solution and compute the scores automatically for teachers to access CBT results immediately.


  • Inventory management
  • School transport management
  • Data recovery/backup system
  • Offline implementation if hosted in the school premises
  • Online implementation if there is internet connection
  • Setup configuration page to program and customize the solution to meet your school’s unique specification, processes and procedures